Are you like me? Do you struggle to find good quality images to brighten up web posts?

Perhaps you can’t be bothered filling in forms to register for stick photography sites – or you find something in Google Images and then struggle to work out if you can use it legitimately .

Well this picture should inspire you:

Delicious Cheesephoto © 2007 Chris Buecheler | more info (via: Wylio)

Using the great website all you need do is enter a search term and choose from the large selection of pictures returned. Choose the size you want and the alignment for it in your page then grab the code. Paste that into your blog post and it’s done.

And what is even better is that it takes care of the licensing issues, putting the code into the post too, linking back to the source and the terms of use – as you can see above.

A wonderful idea, I’m sure you’ll agree, very well executed.

Now where can I get some decent cheese at this time of the evening?

Struggling to find images?
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