I wrote yesterday of the farcical saga that was developing between Three’s customer Services and me over the simple transfer of my existing (Three network) phone number to my new (Three network) handset.

Here’s an update one day on.

The promised phone call from my local store didn’t happen.

I did get a jaunty message from Three on Twitter this morning. “Morning – thanks for alerting us to your issues. If you dm me your email, I can get some details & look into this for you.”

So I chalked up a couple of points for them responding to my tweet yesterday.

However, I had to point out to them that unless they followed me I couldn’t DM them my email address. So I took back the points.

I sent my email address and waited for action.  I got an email bakc with an address which I won’t share here asking me for the phone numbers / my own details etc so that they could look into it and asked me to specify which number to contact me on. I emailed them back, giving them the required info and asked them to contact me on my new number as the old one isn’t with me at all times at the moment.

That was three hours ago.

An hour later I got a the first of a series of text messages from Three which I took to be an automated  fault resolution service. Alas – it was 6 questions asking me to rate their customer service! It included “On a scale of 0 to 9 how likely would you be to recommend us?” Response “0”.

It hen asked for any other info.  Response? A link to this blog.

Stand by for an update tomorrow.



Farcical Three Saga Continues
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