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When we last left the story, I’d had an email on 22nd August from Three “… We’re looking into this for you and will get in touch within two days to discuss it further….”

The 23rd came and went – no surprise – but so did the 24th.  Still no contact. That did make me wonder if I’d actually hear from them.

Then yesterday morning (25th) at 11:34am I got a phone call from Three’s Scottish Executive Office.

I was staggered that while the person on the phone had been told about my blog, she had no history of my complaint – she’d just come back from maternity leave – and I had to retell it all yet again. I make this the seventh conversation I’ve had with Three’s staff about what my complaint is about.  It is also eleven days since I started trying to resolve the issue.

She promised to investigate what had gone wrong. As we neared the end of the conversation I told her that as a customer what I wanted was an apology for the delay and what I’ve had to endure,  and an assurance that it would be fixed soon.  Once asked for an apology I did get one.

Surely the investigation of failure is secondary – and should drive future process improvement.

I pointed out that if this situation isn’t remedied ASAP then I will go to OFCOM and Trading Standards and register complaints that the contract was mi-sold to me. Significantly she said that she is working on the basis, too, ie that I was mis-sold the contract, and in effect that there is no easy way for a customer on Three to cancel a contract early and move (or port as she called the process)  their number to another handset on Three.  This is an astonishing admission.

She promised to phone back in the afternoon. To her credit she did so but caught me in a meeting in later afternoon. I took the call and explained that I couldn’t talk and asked her to phone back in half an hour.

I await that call this morning.




The Three ( @threeuk ) saga – part 6: the end in sight?
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