This is the second part of an article, which begins here.

The scatterplot diagram below shows the same data as in part one of this article but with the data for Essex removed for ease of plotting. Doing so means the spread of data is more easily visualised.

Webteam Survey 2011 – Essex eliminated

One might have expected a fairly linear distribution of data from bottom left, sloping upward to the top right somewhere, with bubble sizes (representing web team sizes) starting small at the bottom left and getting bigger as we move right and up. However this is not true. One of the largest bubbles is for Fylde council, down in the bottom left.

If you now move to the third part of this article, I’ll plot only the data for the comparator group that I selected for Aberdeen City Council.

Webteam Survey 2011 – The – Graphs Part 2 of 3
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